Manchester Housing Providers’ Partnership will align itself to the:

Our Manchester Strategy 2016-2025
A City that is: Thriving and Sustainable; Highly Skilled; Progressive and Equitable; Liveable, Low Carbon and Connected


 Manchester - A Housing Strategy 2016-2021
Increase the quantity of housing to ensure the right types of housing are available in the right places
Raise the quality and sustainability of our homes and neighbourhoods
Enhance opportunities to access homes—for residents with raised aspirations and a sense of self esteem



Strategic Housing Board

Provides corporate leadership as strategic housing authority in delivering the ‘Our Manchester’ Strategy

Manchester Housing Providers' Partnership
Links registered housing providers in Manchester and the City Council in partnership to facilitate local delivery on key strategic themes.

Housing Access Board

Attended by Registered Providers and the City Council. Provides governance over access to housing in the city and reviews the common allocations policy through Manchester Move.

Chair : Karen Mitchell

Vice Chair: Charlie Norman 



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Growth and Affordable Homes 

Connecting People

Community Safety


Zero Carbon


Project Groups

The partnership also works on the following themed areas


Neighbourhood Intelligence 

Green and Blue Environment



Bringing Services Together