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Manchester Housing Providers’ Partnership brings together housing providers and Manchester City Council to work collectively integrating housing, transport, skills and education, health and social care. Our partners are responsible for approximately 70,000 homes in the local authority.


The Manchester Housing Providers Partnership (MHPP) brings together the registered housing providers and the City Council.

We're about improving housing choice in the city and giving everyone access to a decent home – whatever their resources.

Manchester's community strategy has a vision of a city that "meets and exceeds the needs of all residents". The central themes of the strategy – reaching full potential, self-esteem and neighbourhoods of choice – are relevant to all public services in the city.

Housing plays a key role. A balanced housing market is critical to economic growth and social wellbeing. The council has moved away from its traditional landlord role. Now it has a broader remit; developing the city's housing strategy.

At the heart of this approach lies the need for stronger, clearer and more consistent partnerships between housing providers and other bodies with a stake in the city's housing.

The Manchester Housing Providers Partnership (MHPP)  is a vital part of this approach. Led by an elected Chair, we’re an an inclusive, accountable body that brings together housing providers and partners all working towards providing affordable housing across the city.

The partnership is helping harness the resources, capacity and skills of all our stakeholders.


Tricia Grierson 

MHPP Partnership Coordinator

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