Growth and Affordable Homes Workstream

About the Workstream

To discuss and agree the key principles of an affordable homes programme for Manchester and to make recommendations to the MHPP. It considers the Housing Affordability Policy ideas presented to Manchester’s Executive in December 2018 in which an increased residential growth target of 32,000 was put forward in including 20% affordable homes, 6400, with delivery timeframe up to 2025. 

Who's Involved

Registered Providers & Manchester City Council


  • To Deliver against the Affordable Housing Strategy targets through Homes England grant funding and other funding routes

  • Working collaboratively on 500 homes project on MCC owned sites

  • To support the delivery of 6400 affordable homes within Manchester, with delivery timeframe up to 2025. 

  • Targeting carbon reduction in development products and process

  • Continual engagement in GM Spatial Strategy

  • Continued engagement in housing strategies, affordability and S106 policies

  • Collaborative approach to delivering Affordability Zones & Fund.

  • Deliver projects collaboratively through MCC Affordable homes fund including the 4 bed homes project



Yvonne McDermott , Executive Director of Growth Partnership, MossCare St Vincent Housing