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Recycling Project


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About our Work 

Significant progress by RPs on the High Rise recycling programme. The Group meets on an ad hoc basis when MCC wishes to give updates on new recycling initiatives that need “buy-in” from housing providers.



  • Main issue is misuse of individual and communal recycling bins and need for constant reminders to residents from neighbourhood teams.

  • Keep Manchester Tidy Campaign, “Britain Spring Clean” campaign on between the 22nd March and 24th April 2019.

  • Blue Bin Contamination significantly reduces the city’s recycling ability. RPs will be working with the city in 2019/20 to help resolve this.



Who's Involved


Registered Providers

Manchester's Recyling and Waste Services

Keep Manchester Tidy campaign 


Cym Dsouza, Chief Executive of Arawak Walton Housing Group 

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