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Funding Opportunities Group 

Funding Opportunities

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About our Work 

We work together to source and apply for external funding to develop joint action and initiatives within Manchester communities. These initiatives will link to our plans to supported the delivery of the MCC Housing Strategy and the Our Manchester Strategy   


To gather information and share upcoming funding opportunities with members of the group 

To develop collaborative projects and initiatives to contribute positively to Manchester communities, seek to source funding from the group or interested members

To share opportunities for partners to support projects where funding has already been secured 

To share knowledge and best practise around funding

To ensure communities are engaged and the voice of the community is heard and influences our development of initiatives to deliver outcomes that benefit the community

To update on any applications submitted or bids in the planning stage

To create data requirements definitions and meaningful measures to assess and monitor the effectiveness of any community initiatives delivered through external funding sources

To cascade information as required within MHPP member organisations or more widely and work in collaboration with other MHPP Work streams

To develop an understanding of the funding contributions made by RPs to community groups and to share this information with group members    


Who's Involved


Registered Providers

Manchester's  Policy Partnership Research Team


Daniel Mountford Funding Partnership Lead at Great Places Housing Group 

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