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About our work  

A comms plan was presented to the forum and there was agreement to progress with developing a brand identity for MHPP and development of a new MHPP website. The One Manchester comms team agreed to lead on this work and have developed this website. The MHPP Communications Group are now working upon the following proirities. 



2019/20 Priorities:

•         Launch of new MHPP website

•         Roll out of brand guidelines

•         Engage comms teams across MHPP members

•         Consistent and regular management of the MHPP website

•         Revising MHPP Infographic

•         Provide regular communications to key stakeholders through regular                     e-newsletter

•         Use focused e-shots to disseminate targets communications to relevant                 stakeholders

•         Explore potential for MHPP social media- twitter initially

•         Use collaborative periodic events to demonstrate on the ground delivery


Who's Involved


Registered Providers


Shelley Kemp, Communications Manager, One Manchester Housing Group