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Communications Project Group





About our work  

A comms plan was presented to the forum and there was agreement to progress with developing a brand identity for MHPP and development of a new MHPP website. The One Manchester comms team agreed to lead on this work and have developed this website. The MHPP Communications Group are now working upon the following proirities. 




•         Launch of new MHPP website

•         Roll out of brand guidelines

•         Engage comms teams across MHPP members

•         Consistent and regular management of the MHPP website

•         Revising MHPP Infographic

•         Provide regular communications to key stakeholders through regular                     e-newsletter

•         Use focused e-shots to disseminate targets communications to relevant                 stakeholders

•         Explore potential for MHPP social media- twitter initially

•         Use collaborative periodic events to demonstrate on the ground delivery


Who's Involved


Registered Providers


Sarah Hodgkinson Head of Marketing and Communications  MSV  

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