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Connecting People Workstream
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About the Workstream

Forum for dissemination of intelligence and tactical discussions concerning the integration of the housing offer with health and social care and practical issues arising from the public sector reforms of housing related support

Who's Involved


MCC Lead Commissioner for Housing Related Support

Lead for Strategic Housing

Registered Providers


Local Care Organisation

Manchester Safeguarding Board 

Population Health and Wellbeing 

Manchester Children’s Services

Directorate for Children and Commissioning


  • Ensure the effective voice of housing providers and the 'housing offer' into strategies and policies concerning the integration of health, housing and social care.

  • Provide a collective voice into the city's commissioning arrangement concerning housing related support, homelessness and support services. In detail:

  • Integrating the housing offer into the public sector reform of Health and Social Care (including outcomes from the Age Friendly Manchester in its new iteration)

  • Strategic Issues arising from MEAP Review

  • Strategic Issues arising from Extra Care Initiative

  • Strategic Issues arising from Living Longer Living Better Leadership Group

  • Strategic Issues arising from Commissioning Outcomes Board

  • RP relationship with MASH

  • Safeguarding and the cascade of share learning from the safeguarding Boards

  • Strategic Issues arising from Homelessness Strategy Delivery Plan

  • Commissioning and practical issues arising from Housing Related Support


Guy Cresswell - Director of Housing Services, Great Places Housing Group

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