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Anti-Poverty Group  
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About our Community Support and Food Response Group

Community support and food distribution delivered by RPs, the city and charitable organisations has exposed the scale of vulnerability and hunger and food poverty. This is a task and finish to work upon the following priorities 



  • To fully understand the extent of need across the city, RP and Foodbank data should be added into the MCC food Response data. This information should become the new focus for the BST’s Team Around the Neighbourhood (TANS) meetings.

  • We would like to map out what community support and food response is in each neighbourhood. This information should be easily accessible digitally through the BST network.

  • As lock down restrictions ease and more people are able to support themselves, what does the new community response look like? We need to define our response/offer.

  • Is the community response sustainable, who will pay for and provide the community response?

  • Understand the impact on our residents, factor in the, “what if we didn’t respond”

  • Understand the short term and longer term solution. Eradicating food and fuel poverty etc.


Who's Involved


Registered Providers

Manchester's City Council Departments 

Manchester's Local Care Organisation 


Paul Seymour, Director of Housing and Communities Wythenshawe Community Housing Group 

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