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Zero Carbon Project Group
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About our Zero Carbon Work 

           The partnership has signed up to a collective Zero Carbon Pledge.


  • It has agreed to the following Priorities to reduce their C02 emissions between April 2019 and March 2020 and to influence or support its stakeholders to reduce their CO2 emissions



  • Perform measurement activities e.g.: Stock condition surveys/emissions baseline, asset replacement/maintenance status, extent of carbon literacy status, explore/renew IT systems to enable greater insight & inform decisions, conduct bill monitoring exercises

  • Implement better governance mechanisms e.g. Internal policy setting, review existing policy, develop new build standard, establish working group/team/ambassador, better utilise IT systems, develop clear or specific approaches/plans for asset groups/estates

  • Engage/Educate e.g. Carbon literacy delivery, awareness raising communication, join external carbon groups, review prior projects success/challenges, hold staff events


  • Improve & establish investment plans – Get sign off on existing plans, review funds, perform capital spend review, understand funding for high rise flats, fund efficiency projects

  • Continue delivery e.g.  Pilot projects, waste reduction, staff travel incentives, fleet replacement/EV easing, building new builds to exceed regs, PV/Storage roll out, efficiency improvement in stock & offices, green space development


Who's Involved


Registered Providers

Manchester's Climate Change Agency

Anthesis Group

Manchester City Council's Climate Change Board


Matt Roberts, Strategic Director of Proporty and Development, Southway Housing Trust 

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