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Neighbourhood Intelligence Project Group

Neighbourhood Intelligence

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About the Work

This group works with MCC to develop a shared data resource working collaboratively on work on specific neighbourhoods to test the potential to develop and evaluate local intervention strategies.


All Registered Providers have agreed to share property ownership data. This will be uploaded to the ESRI GIS Mapping system to provide a detailed resource.

It will support neighbourhood planning and allow free source data on health, transport, crime and the enviroment




2019/20 Priorities

•     To complete update of RP stock across city

•     To work with LCO on shared data with Health & Social Care

•     To inform GM Connect work

•     To develop Neighbourhood Health indicators


Who's Involved


Registered Providers

Manchester City Council 

ESRI GIS system providers

Policy Engagement

Neighbourhood Typologies


Neighbourhoods Board


GM Spatial Strategy


Making Neighbourhoods successful & sustainable



Ivan Wright Assistant Director Jigsaw Housing

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